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May 23 17 1:08 AM

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A first outing for the Carthaginians (and for the Romans being used as Ploybian era chaps).
I deployed the Romans as all small units (i.e. per the old list) as I think it makes them more distinctive. Also, we were using the Rout check rule from 'Even Stronger' and this works to the Roman advantage as small units don't trigger such checks. The Romans had 3 more or less identical commands each of 2 velites, 2 hastati, 2 principes, 1 trairii, 1 equites (one command had tarantines instead of equites).
The Carthaginians had a mounted command (2 numidians, 1 citizen cavalry, 1 gallic cavalry, 1 spanish cavalry - the gauls flank marched as that was the stratagem drawn), a central command (2 citizen infantry, 2 veteran infantry, elephants, javelinmen), and an allied command (2 large Gallic warrior units, 1 Spanish infantry, balearic slingers, javelinmen).

A fun game; the Carthaginians had the best of it early on, and should have won it with their cavalry wing - the flank march got lost but turned up a turn later on the Roman baseline, which was even better, but the legions survived the attack and then drove off the attacking cavalry. Meanwhile elswehere the Carthos had lost an infantry unit, and the elephants promptly paniced and fled, and then the Romans punched staright through the Gauls and Spaniards, demoralising the Carthaginian army.

A shot of the battle at the start, with the Carthaginians in the foreground, and the Romans in their quicunx formation .

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May 23 17 6:21 AM

Sounds like it was a fun, closely contested battle. Small units got a little boost with Even Stronger, in that they do not take rout tests. However, I believe now, they are only an option with the Camillan Roman list.

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May 24 17 1:22 AM

The small units have another advantage. They hit just as hard as big units. When you lose one, the second line comes in fresh. If there were one big unit, then once it has taken a hit it is less effective.
(Yes, it can rally, and in the case of the new rules, swap lines, but that costs you an activation, and may not succeed)
Sure, once a unit is gone, it is gone, but two lines of small units has a lot more punch than one line of large ones. So I think it's a really nice elegant way to represent line relief, and it also gives the army a different look and feel to the later Romans.

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