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May 29 17 7:54 AM

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I would like to suggest that Greek Hoplites, or at least those from the major city states, have their Save number lowered to 5.  We just fought a Greeks versus Early Persians battle, and 6+ versus 7+ does not seem to reflect the great different between a heavily armed and armored hoplite versus bowmen.  Plus, it would seem reasonable to consider hoplites comparable to legionaries.

- Chris Salander
   San Jose
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May 29 17 9:36 AM

Hi Chris,

From memory the Greek hoplites hit on 6+ and save on 6+, whereas Persian bowmen hit on 8+ and save on 8+. If the hoplites can close, it should be nasty for the Persians... especially if the hoplites are Spartans or elites with a better save.

Best, Simon

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