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Jun 9 17 4:46 PM

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It was a 28mm Wars of the Roses game with two commands per side played on an 8 x 8 grid.  Three players pushed troops around & I was the gamemaster.  It was played to a definite conclusion in under two hours.  All three of the players enjoyed the game quite a bit.  They quickly grasped the major concepts and said that this was a great convention game.  
After my game was put away, I played in a "training game" of ADLG.  OMG, what a vastly different (and difficult) game that was, by stark contrast.  It just didn't seem like much fun to me and I'll probably never play it again.
How far is the P&S/ECW supplement away from being available?  I'm kind of getting the bug for that.            
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Jun 10 17 8:22 AM

Well I'm glad that everyone had fun, at least with the TtS! It's not a game that takes itself especially seriously.

For King and Parliament!- Andrew and I are making steady progress. Large swathes of the rules are now complete and only a few chapters are as yet unwritten. I still need to do all the diagrams, some army lists, examples, all the photos and suchlike, editing proofing and printing but am confident that it will be published by Christmas... I have started to paint minis for it; you can see them here:- There will be a heck of a lot of minis. :-)

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