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Jun 11 17 11:29 AM

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Hi all,
today great fun with Roman vs Pontic.
Some questions about Schyted chariots.  If I have understood well, they are Light units ( so it strikes with 8+, right?) and save with +7, more the two box charge rule. OK. However, they charged an enemy, they did not succeed in having an hit, nor the enemy did. Do they behave like a normal unit, trying again to charge (or they are charged by an enemy) in the same or the following turn? Should not they dissolve after a charge, whichever result, as their drivers bailed out? Should not they be a "one-shoot" weapon?

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Jun 11 17 2:12 PM

Hi Luca,

They hit on 6+ or 2x6+ if they charge two boxes.

I would prefer it if I had made them dissolve after an unsuccessful charge, or rout, or perhaps break through the unit they have charged. I will revisit this in v2...

BEst, Simon

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