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From the same game last night, Macedoninan Successor against Galatian
Rule about pikes says : "when a unit of pikemen in clear terrain charges and hits a less-deep enemy unit ..."
The feeling was that this disadvantages pikes against warriors, who also are deep units, while in fact it is the length of the pike that makes it difficult to strike back at charging pikemen
Now the cost of 13 pts for the pike against 10 pts for the warriors without any benefit to make up for the difference is a big handicap (4 pikes cost 52 pts, which gives 5 warriors)
and the problem is even worse with the galatians who can be fanatic for the same price (altough this is a good modelling of their initial fervor, after all, they were irregA in oldspeak WRG :) )
Would pikes become too strong is the "less-deep unit" is replaces by "non pike unit" ? this leaves pike on pike unchanged but makes their charge on other deep troops beter
Thoughts ?

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What Kenntak said- I am away and can't recall whether I was able to address it in the errata and the v1.2 reprint. It will certainly be addressed in v2.

Best Simon

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