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Jun 26 15 12:48 AM

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Prince August produce a range of 40mm semi-flat 18th century figures (actuall Swedes), and I am currently working with them on a SYW range, which is designed with gamers in mind. See my blog........

I think that these would work really well combining the 'toy soldier' look and the grid movement system?

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Jun 26 15 8:36 AM

Yes indeed they could be used with a grid; they are very pretty, too!

I was talking with Thomas Foss of Wooden Wars who makes a range of 40mm flat figures from plywood, about using them with the grid.  Unfortunately I lack the time to paint such an army up. 

The nice thing about Horse and Musket is that one can have a couple of Battalion in line in each square.  It would work really well with a variant of TtS, in many ways simpler than Pike and Shot as there are no (or at least vanishingly few) pikes.   It is definitely a system I will have to develop!

Best, Simon

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